Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Despite having a nasty cold the whole month of October (and we'll see if it continues into November), this month has definitely been a blast! I've been spending large amount of time crafts, making yummy food, reading Harry Potter, and going on fun dates with Mister. I have also spend a lot of time blowing my nose, coughing up phlegm, and sleeping.

The witch apron I bought to cook things with. 

Our Halloween-y front door. (It's even better now that we have paper ghosts on there and a sign that says, "Happy Halloween!"

My more sophisticated pumpkin decoration.

The first time I made peach cobbler and Brandon said it was delicious!

The daisy Brandon brought me at the beginning of the month.

My "I heart you" to Brandon.

Brandon's "I lung you" to me.

Ward choir cupcakes!
Pumpkins made out of fabric, cotton, and felt.

A butter yellow daisy Brandon gave me at the end of the month. I told him it reminded me of Enchanted. "Send you yellow flowers when the sky is gray!" :)
Brandon and I also went on two very fun dates this weekend. On Friday we attended a choral production put on by BYU. I think I became an Ultimate Men's Chorus fan. We thought it was a delightful concert and are excited to go to more in the future.

Last night we went to the Shops and Riverwoods and ate at Macaroni Grill. Get their Chicken Under a Brick. It's so good! And it's literally cooked under a brick. We also splurged on blackberry and raspberry Italian sodas which ended up making me feel a lot more rich than we really are. ;) After dinner, we took a little walk to the Wynnsong theater and watched Puss in Boots. It was really fun! Definitely enjoyed that. Afterward we had decided to take a walk around the shops because they light the little brick streets up at night and I love how magical it feels. Well, on the way we noticed  that Beach Resort was still open and selling ice cream, so we bought some. Yummmmmy! We took a little walk around the building. They have miniature croquet, Lazer tag, bowling, arcade games, a surfing thing/hot tub, and a ropes course. Next family activity? Definitely there!

Anyway, off to November!

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