Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm still a kid.

Today I went to an interview for a possible job opportunity. One of the questions they asked me was something like, "What's a unique thing about you?" My response was essentially that I'm still a kid at heart.

As I left the building, I waved goodbye to one of the other candidates, hopped in the car while sticking a Sour Punch Straw in my mouth and jammed to Miley Cyrus. Yeah, I think you get my point. 

So that's what this post is about.

Brandon has two little cousins: Ian and Jared. Ian is a proven genius and pretty introverted. He has very blue eyes and a huge grin (especially when I beat his little brother at hide and seek). Jared has a very little, loud voice. He enjoys smiling and running around behind Ian. I love those two little tykes. So cute! 

Anyway, for the past few days, we've been entertaining the kids by playing hide and seek. They are all pretty good hiders, but I think I beat them all when I jumped out of a bunch of blankets on the couch. I think Ian was especially impressed. Yesterday, after playing hide and seek for about an hour, we played stations. The concept is that while the counter is counting to ten with their eyes closed (behind a wall, just to make sure) each player runs to a station in the room (usually a corner). The counter will then call out a station number and if you're on it, you're out. Well, we had been playing this game for a few minutes when it became little Jared's turn. He must have been in the hide and seek mindset because he counted to three and said, "Here I come!" He also opened his eyes, noted where we all were and then shouted out, "Station Four!" Manipulative, I'm telling you. 

One of my favorite moments last night occurred when I was brushing my teeth. I have this thing where I can't just sit in front of the mirror and brush, I have to walk around or surf the net or something. Brandon has always been pretty amused by it. For example, here is Brandon's remark from yesterday: "I've never seen anyone laying down brushing their teeth before." He said it as if I were a newly discovered species from the Amazon. He even had the wide eye look and everything. He could be right. I don't think I've ever seen anyone brushing their teeth lying over the bed before either. ;)


The other day, Brandon planned out a date for us. He called the activity Avatar Day. 

I've written about Avatar before, but just as a refresher, it's a children's television show about a kid who saves the world through making peace/fighting bad guys. This kid, known as the Avatar, has two pets: Appa, the flying bison and MoMo, the flying lemur. Brandon and I drew pictures of these animals and stuck them on gummy candy for Avatar Day. They were to be our snack for later.

Avatar is very interesting because most of the animals in it are a combination of two animals we would find on earth. For instance, there are turtle-ducks, platypus-bears, and saber-tooth-moose. For our awesome Avatar date, we created our own half and half animals. 

Brandon named his pig shark, Shoink. 

I named my lion-shark, Squid.

Avatar rocks.

P.S. The Speedy Spaniard was awesome!

RANDOM PICTURES (mainly Lake Powell):

Proof that married women like Natalie and me can still hang out with friends.
Also, Katelyn's first experience at Coney's!

Our spider-infested houseboat. Love you, Boatie!

Mr. U was pretty good at sleeping during the day.

McKenna, Megan, and I made an awesome castle.

Megan flopping off the slide.

Pretty sure this is McKenna.

Ashlyn, I believe. Or actually McKenna. ???

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake Powell and Harry Potter

Lake Powell, Utah. Captured by my mother-in-law.

The General Vacation

So obviously from the title of this blog, I just got back from Lake Powell. I absolutely loved it despite the fish, smelly toilets and heat. What has always made Lake Powell awesome to me are the people I vacation there with. During junior high/high school, I often went to Lake Powell with one of my best friends, Marsha. Normally, her family would bring a boat and two SeaDoos while another family would bring their boat and another couple wave runners. I spent my time during those years sunbathing, painting my toenails, throwing Marsha off the wave runner (and being thrown off myself), as well as wakeboarding and floating on the lake. The first year I went, I got so burned that my cheeks peeled except for a few spots leaving me with huge freckles. This year I was smarter and applied sunscreen regularly. Then again, it didn't reach 120 degrees Farenheit like it did before. 

Brandon, Marissa, Megan, and me on the boat. 

The Sleep Walkers

During our stay at Lake Powell, we had two late night outbursts.

Kenna (friend of sister-in-law): I actually didn't see this happen in person, but apparently Kenna stood up sometime during the first night and was screaming, "Where am I? What's going on?" She reported no memory of the occurrence in the morning. Wish I got a picture.

Megan (little sister-in-law): On the last night we were at Lake Powell, we grouped all the sleeping mats together and watched the sky for shooting stars. I ended up in a crack between Brandon and Megan and woke up as my mother-in-law was leaving to go downstairs. This is kind of how the situation went:

MOM-IN-LAW (to father-in-law): I don't think I'm going to move Meg. I don't want her to wake up. 
ME: Actually, I'm pretty uncomfortable because I'm on a crack, so could we move her?
MOM-IN-LAW: Sure! (She's so nice)

Mother-in-law starts to move Megan over by scooting her over to the next pad with her arms and feet. 

MEGS: (muffled growling followed by ... with each scoot) STOP MOVING MY PILLOW! (except it sounded more like, "STERP MERVING MY PILLER!")

(Meg is finally in her spot. She then turns to look at me.)

ME: Meg, you have your pillow.
MEGS: Give me back my PILLOW!
ME: Megan! You are sleeping on it. 

(Megan turns her attention to her mom who is walking toward the ladder to go downstairs)

MEGS: GET AWAY YOU GROUCHY OLD WOMAN! (repeated approximately three times)

Needless to say, Megan's half-awake outburst tickled my funny nerves. I had to cover my mouth with a pillow to muffle my laughing. 

Peanut Butter Toes

Megan was definitely a source of entertainment during our vacation. When we were parked in the slip for a little bit, she covered her toes in peanut butter, hung them off the houseboat, and let the fish suck on her feet. Crazy kid. She has more courage than most of us. 

Ledge Climbing

We found this awesome ledge, climbed it, and then jumped off. Don't worry, I already told my mom.


Sometimes when I wakeboard, I feel like such a tomboy because I'm excited about it like skateboarding. Back in the day, it took me over thirty tries to get up (no exaggeration). Now I can usually get up on my first try and go on and off the wake. I want to work on getting more control in the wake so that I can start doing some jumps, but that will take a lot of practice for me.

Brandon got up for his first time during this vacation. He started going on and off the wake in minutes. He is so athletic. :)

Excited to be out on the board.

Beginning to go over the wake.

I'm over! Love the spray.

Such a stud.

This looks like he is about to biff it, but maybe not.


Earlier I wrote about star-gazing. Can I just say it was absolutely beautiful? We could see the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Casiopea, a bird constellation, Mars, and so many shooting stars! Gorgeous. My sister-in-law also noticed that the stars reflected in the lake. I could pick out the Big Dipper in the ripples. I love the stars. Good thing my mom is named Star. ;)

100 Mile Detour

Brandon and I opted not to follow the parents back to the house because we wanted to travel fast. That was a big mistake. We ended up taking a 100 mile detour through Capitol Reef National Park. It was so beautiful! The important part was that we got help and made it back to our home. All of us in the car just figured we weren't supposed to be driving on that road at that time. Maybe we would have gotten in a wreck. Maybe we kept from getting a flat tire. Maybe we just needed to learn patience. :)

Five Guys and Harry Potter

This morning, Brandon and I went to the early bird showing of Harry Potter. Oh my heavens! I loved it! I loved seeing the good fight against the bad. It reminded me of what is prophesied to happen before Christ comes the second time. We will either be on His side or Satan's. As for me and "my house," we choose the Lord.

More Pictures From Trip

Brandon in his bright white t-shirt and me. 

I wish swimsuits offered more coverage
and support on the upper portion of the body...

I did think it was pretty funny that most of us are wearing black swimsuits. 

Brandon and me on a hammerhead floaty tube.

Beautiful Moki, Lake Powell.

He finally got the rope! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Catch-All Post: Megan, FHE, Shopping and Freddy the Frog

So I have a little blonde sister-in-law who I can only describe as original, wild, and completely fun to be around when she is not on Dad's iPad (so grouchy!) Anyway, because my mother-in-law help organized her ward's girls' camp, she was gone most of last week and Brandon and I got to have Megan Elise over for a span of three days. What better way to bring back my inner child?

Anyway, we did some awesome stuff, like go to that local waterpark we love so much, eat ice cream, kick around a soccer ball, and watch the television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is so much better than the movie!) Brandon and I try to catch a few episodes on Netflix every night.

During Megan's little vacation with us, she decided that she wanted to create a romantic dinner date for Brandon and I right in our very own living room! (while she and my two sisters, Jessica and Julie ate on the couch). Anyway, it was very cute and we all ended up playing the vegetable game and dancing around to Taylor Swift. It was awesome!

(And yeah, I like T. Swift and her sparkly greeting cards at Walmart)

Meggie Moo

Megan and Brandon coming off one of the slides at our favorite water park.

Saca (sp), the Avatar, and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Our living room all done up. The blanket on the ground is supposedly
a "red carpet with all these flowers" (Megan 10).

The table set up with sparkling cider and a ceramic bird. :)
Haha, needless to say, it was a fun couple of days.

On Monday, Brandon brought the car home from work during his lunch break so that I could use it to purchase items for our coming trip. I definitely bought items for the trip as well as eye wrinkle cream (I hate wrinkles and I want to see if the stuff works), waterproof eyeliner (we'll see), a new swimsuit (Spanx, bless you for understanding women with voluptuous bodies!), and earrings from JCPenney.

I told Brandon about the purchases when I got home and he didn't care. :) Also, we went up to Provo Temple for a beautiful family home evening. We sat on the hill behind the temple and were able to view it as well as the city below. It was like being on top of a mountain. ;) (read Isaiah).

Brandon and I love this temple. <3
One last thing:

I am incredibly stupid. So much so that I should wear a dunce hat around to protect other people, although I probably need more protection for myself.

Obviously, there is a reason why I believe this to be true. At the very least, I definitely was when I accidentally caught a Haribo gummy frog in my nasal cavity, spent much time snorting and sucking water up through my nose to get the piece of gummy out, and then inhaled pepper through my nose to induce sneezing (which didn't work).

I think the gummy is still up there and my throat is sore.

Also, Brandon ate my Freddy the Frog that I put on my red hippo. Shame on him! :) He promise me another gummy frog pet next time we get Haribo frogs. I'm buying some today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Independence Day Rocks!

Who couldn't love the hundreds of 150 ft. aerial fireworks blasting in the sky or the streets full of parades and 5K racers all celebrating the joy that comes from being free and independent from all other nations? Independence Day was absolutely beautiful! It's so wonderful to unite on the fourth of July to celebrate our love of America.

Marissa and I after the Freedom Run 5K.
Yeah, we are totally wearing the same shorts.

Me, Jessica, Mom, Dad, and Julie (with her eyes closed).
All of us had just finished the race. :)

Ashlyn, Megan, and I on father-in-law's new boat.

Last Fourth of July, I had the opportunity of being in South Kensington, London, England. While a few Englanders celebrated or mourned the occasion, I was sad at the lack of fireworks, hot dogs, and parades. I missed my family. I missed America.

It's true that Nephi and his family (in the Book of Mormon) were lead to the promised land by the hand of God. It's also true that the promised land is right here, in the Americas. And it's also true that if we, as a people, become wicked, then our nation will fall.

And who can deny our blessings from living in the promised land? Many of our ancestors travelled miles by boat to reach America and they did it. They cultivated the land. With God's help, they were able to establish a government, a declaration of independence from Britain and all other nations, and the Constitution. It is through His love that we were able to do this, so that we could grow and prosper. Somehow we won the Revolution, somehow slaves were freed after years of being enslaved, somehow America has progressed in its military power, technological production, and business. Somehow, I have the capability of having over 10 pairs of shoes in my closet. These "somehows" are all blessings from Heavenly Father. I know it to be true.


On a different note, lately I have been feeling wild. I don't think it's wild in a bad way, but suddenly, I just want to do something out of the ordinary like take a scuba diving class or become a dolphin trainer or write a novel. I've just always had this set plan for my life: finish school, get married, become a doctor, have kids, make money, go on a couple's mission, and die in my sleep.

It's changed.

I'm finishing school in August. What happens after, I'm not sure, but I'm married and happy! Maybe I will dedicate a year to climbing every peak in Utah or I guess, if Brandon and I move to somewhere close to an ocean for optometry school, then I can be a dolphin trainer (I'm voting for California or Oregon)! Obviously, I will get pregnant eventually. I don't think I will ever be the mom who is at the house all day letting her kids make a mess inside. My kids and I will be outside building forts, soaking up the sun, running lemonade stands, kicking a soccer ball around... I think I will get along with them better than most adults I meet. We have more things in common. :)

And then once the kids are out of the house and fulfilling their futures, I hope Brandon and I go do a whole bunch of awesome things, like go back to Europe or travel to New Zealand and go ocean kayaking. We probably will if we have the money for it. And then we will go on a mission together or  maybe three! I personally would like to spend my mission service milking cows on one of the church ranches. Oh, the country life!

When I get old and after I see most of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren born, then I want to die doing something awesome. Who cares about the pain that lasts a moment compared to all Eternity? Maybe I will have a heart attack cliff jumping or get to the finish line at a race and faint and die. Maybe I will pull a Secondhand Lions trick and fly a plane into a barn. That's highly unlikely, though.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Big Day: Natalie's Wedding!

As Matron-of-Honor, I spent the whole of the day attending to Natalie's needs, chowing down on food, and taking tons of pictures. 

This is What Happened:

I woke up at 3:40 am to take a shower and blow dry my hair before meeting up with Natalie to drive to the hairdresser who is my awesome friend, Marsha. We stayed at Marsha's from about 5:00 am-7:45 am and talked about a huge range of things, including babies, breast-feeding, and birth control. What else do married women talk about? ;) When we got to the temple, Natalie immediately was found by her soon-to-be husband. I took a picture and then left them alone, since, well, I'm sure they didn't want me around!

Dave and Natalie!
Then I awaited more than forty minutes for my husband and parents to show up so we could go to the sealing room. 

The ordinance was beautiful. After the couple were sealed together for time and all Eternity, we had the privilege to reverently congratulate them and then be on our way. When it came my turn, I started crying so hard that all I could do was hug Natalie. I couldn't speak because if I did, I knew I would be too loud. So then because I was trying to quiet myself, I started crying/snorting. Oh, it was horrible - a flashback to my own sealing half a year ago. Anyway, I was finally able to congratulate them when they made their way out of the temple. Here are some pictures from that time of the day:

Leaving the temple after
being sealed for time and
all Eternity!

Natalie and Dave posing outside
of the temple.

Yeah, Brandon kept taking random pictures
of me when I was lined up for the professional
photos. From left to right: me, Jared (Natalie's brother),
and Brother C. (Natalie's dad).
The bride and groom with the
flower girl who thought she
was maid-of-honor. So cute!

Brandon and I after the ceremony.

The luncheon was held at a buffet and even though I'm fasting because today is Fast Sunday, I am still so full from yesterday! I had chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, a tortilla, pineapple, strawberries, a brownie, a cookie, and even some hand-scooped chocolate ice cream (meaning that it didn't come out of the soft-serve machine!) Anyway, yum! 

Unfortunately, I took the cake-cutting pictures at the reception on my phone. I tried to upload the photos, but I had to have a MobileMe account. However, they are taking no new subscribers, so I guess I am toast. 

Brandon and I finally went to bed around midnight (we watched The Last Airbender and ate our popcorn/soda/candy (a deal we got for $5) and then since there was so bad traffic because of the Stadium of Fire, Brandon's sister, Marissa, slept over until morning). Needless to say, being awake for 21 hours totally drained me and I woke up around 9 this morning (although 9 hours of sleep is not tons). 

Tonight Brandon and I are going over to Brandon's grandma's house for a yummy cold cut/salad dinner and then tomorrow, my family, Marissa, and I are going to run the Freedom 5k and then go boating. Bam! I'm excited. :)