Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm in Ireland!

Soooo... I have not written on here due to the lack of time and free wireless at the hostels we have been staying out. We have been traveling all over Ireland and I mean ALL OVER! I know I haven't seen it all, but maybe I have from a distance. There have been some pretty amazing experiences including collecting tons of pictures of gravestones to help out the church members in proxy ordinances. We've seen lots of castles.
One of my favorite stories from today occurred after I kiss the Blarney Stone (Sorry, Mom!). Anyway, we were walking down and we met some musicians. One of them gathered us together and had us do an Irish dance that included a hop, step, step and quick turns. We also jammed out with some tambourines, banjos, frogs, and mandolins. The catch is that the whole time we were being watched by a huge line of people! I felt like we all became one and that all of our different nationalities were overlooked. It was wonderful!
Awkward part of the day. I was taking a picture with one of my friends, Kari. We were both raising an arm to show off our gelato when this 60-year-old dude ticked my pit and was like, "Smile, Miss Tourist!" or something similar. 

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