Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wales and LONDON!

So on Monday we left Dublin really early to ferry over to Wales. I usually love ferries, but after getting up so early, I just slept the whole two hour ride across the Irish sea.
Ireland reminded me of Oregon, but I felt like Wales WAS Oregon. When we needed a coach break, Katelyn and I walked through Snowdonia National Park. There was moss and pines and brown and green! I loved it. We traveled along a river for a while until we found this ladder that went over a stone wall. Of course we went over it. It was irresistible. In the field behind the ladder were about a dozen sheep. I tried to touch one, but it kept running away. Probably a good thing, but they're sooo cute!
On the way back from the national park, Katelyn and I stopped at a bakery and I bought a huge shortbread cookie with one half dipped in chocolate. It was good. Very good. I love bakeries.
We only stayed in Wales one night and I walked 3/4 miles in pouring rain to get to the hostel with a bunch of the other girls. Needless to say, my things were soaked when I unpacked a day later in London. On the way to the hostel, there were these two horses that seemed shorter than most horses with pointed snouts. They followed us down the road for a little bit. All the horses seem to be like this that we have met so far.
After a long bus ride yesterday (stopped to see the oldest LDS chapel in the world) we made it to London and rushed to get to a play we had paid to see called 39 Steps. I LOVED IT! So funny.
Anyway, sorry that this blog post is kind of boring. i don't have time to fix it; i need to get ready for my first day of class!

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