Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday, June 18 - Sunday, June 19 - Monday, June 20

All right! I finally get to write on this blog. Yes, I am finished with Spring Term, but no, I am not finished with school yet. One more class! (P.S. I got all A's last term, although I don't think I can attribute them to just myself. There were plenty of prayers sent up to heaven during that time).

Okay, so some of you might not know that my friend, Natalie, is marrying her fiance at the beginning of July. In honor of her wedding, I threw her a small bridal shower on Saturday and spent hours and plenty of cake mix making a bridal Barbie cake, complete with edible pearls. Here is a picture of it and of other decorations we had at the party:

Regina, the Barbie. I felt weird that she looked more like me than Natalie, but oh well!

Regina looks much better from far away, although for the first time ever trying to decorate a cake, I felt I did an okay job.

Not all the decorations were up yet, but I felt really proud of my balloon, sunflower, and yellow ribboned garland.

Had fun with some frosting tips.

I think Natalie had fun and that's what's important!

Sunday was obviously Father's Day. I made the big boo-boo of not wishing Brandon a Happy Future Father's Day before he left for meetings on Sunday, but that's okay. I remembered when I got back. While he was gone at his meetings, I decided to pull out my old American Girl Felicity Cook Book and made a batch of almond tarts. At first I thought they were going to turn out nasty, but they were actually pretty good! I think I will make them again especially since I noticed Brandon devoured four of them in less than 24 hours.

Yeah, so I have kind of got in a cooking craze lately. It's not that I always make food that tastes good. Actually, that never happens. I just want to eat things that are not made out of a box! I am so sick of it. So I've been pulling all of the recipe books off the shelves, finding what I think might taste good.

Today I made my first stir-fry. It used chicken, lemon, asparagus, carrots, chicken broth, soy sauce, and rice. I liked it! So I guess stir-fry is pretty elementary, but it is a beginning. I think that tomorrow I will be making veal balls (kinda like meatballs), mashed potatoes from a package (I'm still a poor college student), and whipped syllabub. Okay, so the whipped syllabub thing came from my American Girl cookbook again. It's made out of heavy whipping cream, lemons, an orange, sugar, and sparkling white grape juice, so it's basically a bubbly drink. Oooh, I cannot wait until that gets into my mouth!

So today kind of started my 60 days of a Thrill-mazing Summer. I was going to carve soap with Brandon and work on a book that I thought of, but instead I ended up falling asleep on my bed (that happens when you get up early in the morning to clean college football weight rooms and the like). Anyway, I was woken up by a loud knocking noise on the front door. Half asleep, I opened it to find my youngest sister, Julie. Anyway, to make a long story short, I ended up accompanying her, my other sister, Jessica, and her big-time crush, C****. I had so much fun! But I got sooo burnt. My arms are almost as red as the peppers in the fridge.

Anyway, hopefully I will find some more cool things to do tomorrow!

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