Thursday, June 30, 2011


That's right. When my mom and I were at Taco Bell, I pushed my dime into a slot on a container, caught the dime on the bottom ledge marked with "Winner" and won a crunchy taco (I exchanged it for cinnamon twists). It was AWESOME. I kind of started to scream, but then Mom stopped me. Anyway, yum!

So for the past two days, Brandon and I have been enjoying all sorts of fun things together. On Tuesday night, we went over to his parents' house and talked for a few hours. After that we went to  IHOP and ate.... FUNNEL CAKE! It was so good. I'm totally into it.

Yesterday, we spent most of our time at that local water park I have been talking about and bought some pizza from Pizza Hut. I secretly ordered it with olives created into the shape of a heart. We also went to my best girl friend's endowment session. It was truly amazing! I love the temple.

And today... well, we are going to Coney's. Cannot wait.

Natalie's parent unit and fiance.

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