Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Big Day: Natalie's Wedding!

As Matron-of-Honor, I spent the whole of the day attending to Natalie's needs, chowing down on food, and taking tons of pictures. 

This is What Happened:

I woke up at 3:40 am to take a shower and blow dry my hair before meeting up with Natalie to drive to the hairdresser who is my awesome friend, Marsha. We stayed at Marsha's from about 5:00 am-7:45 am and talked about a huge range of things, including babies, breast-feeding, and birth control. What else do married women talk about? ;) When we got to the temple, Natalie immediately was found by her soon-to-be husband. I took a picture and then left them alone, since, well, I'm sure they didn't want me around!

Dave and Natalie!
Then I awaited more than forty minutes for my husband and parents to show up so we could go to the sealing room. 

The ordinance was beautiful. After the couple were sealed together for time and all Eternity, we had the privilege to reverently congratulate them and then be on our way. When it came my turn, I started crying so hard that all I could do was hug Natalie. I couldn't speak because if I did, I knew I would be too loud. So then because I was trying to quiet myself, I started crying/snorting. Oh, it was horrible - a flashback to my own sealing half a year ago. Anyway, I was finally able to congratulate them when they made their way out of the temple. Here are some pictures from that time of the day:

Leaving the temple after
being sealed for time and
all Eternity!

Natalie and Dave posing outside
of the temple.

Yeah, Brandon kept taking random pictures
of me when I was lined up for the professional
photos. From left to right: me, Jared (Natalie's brother),
and Brother C. (Natalie's dad).
The bride and groom with the
flower girl who thought she
was maid-of-honor. So cute!

Brandon and I after the ceremony.

The luncheon was held at a buffet and even though I'm fasting because today is Fast Sunday, I am still so full from yesterday! I had chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, a tortilla, pineapple, strawberries, a brownie, a cookie, and even some hand-scooped chocolate ice cream (meaning that it didn't come out of the soft-serve machine!) Anyway, yum! 

Unfortunately, I took the cake-cutting pictures at the reception on my phone. I tried to upload the photos, but I had to have a MobileMe account. However, they are taking no new subscribers, so I guess I am toast. 

Brandon and I finally went to bed around midnight (we watched The Last Airbender and ate our popcorn/soda/candy (a deal we got for $5) and then since there was so bad traffic because of the Stadium of Fire, Brandon's sister, Marissa, slept over until morning). Needless to say, being awake for 21 hours totally drained me and I woke up around 9 this morning (although 9 hours of sleep is not tons). 

Tonight Brandon and I are going over to Brandon's grandma's house for a yummy cold cut/salad dinner and then tomorrow, my family, Marissa, and I are going to run the Freedom 5k and then go boating. Bam! I'm excited. :)

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