Saturday, August 14, 2010

The end of my European adventure

The end of my trip is here. Today I am going to board the train that will take me to the airport and then I will fly back home. It is all very bittersweet.

I spent the last few days in Rome going to the market, eating gelato, watching the river, and seeing the basilica. It was nice to just “hang out” and not be the tourist for once.

Here is what I learned from this study abroad and trip:

  • No matter where you are, people are the same. They like it when you smile at them and help them. They like familiar places. And every nationality is just as “crazy” as the Americans when it comes to being tourists or just people in general.
  • The gospel is the same all over the world. It is also the same throughout the universe.
  • I love staying in one place for longer periods of time so that I can really absorb the culture.
  • Cathedrals and churches are pretty and interesting, but I miss going to the temple and attending my ward. Although now I feel knowledgeable about certain ancient Catholic traditions.
  • I am such an internet-nut. J
  • I learned how to be more accepting of other people. There were girls with varying personalities in my study abroad group that I learned to get along with. It was good! I’m so excited to see all my new friends as I begin school this fall.
  • I learned about the English history: the Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, and Normans
  • I learned how to write in IPA!! I love doing this.

Despite all the fun and learning that I had, I am so excited to get home.

A major part of this is being able to see my family especially after the death of my grandma. I feel like we really need to become even more united with each other (we are already a pretty loving family). My other grandma and great-grandma are also coming out to see my family and my cousins in September. That should be very fun! I am excited.

And lastly, Brandon and I are going ring shopping on Tuesday. I bet you all know what that means. ;)

I am a very happy camper.

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