Monday, August 2, 2010

Loch Lomond, Aberfoyle, Stirling and York

Yesterday was incredible! During our preparation class for this study abroad trip, I was assign to learn and give a presentation about Loch Lomond and Stirling. I was very excited to see Loch Lomond because I had learned that Loch Lomond has over 99 islands in it and one of them is populated with wallabys! Unfortunately, we were only given an hour to stroll around the "bonny, bonny banks" of Loch Lomond, so I didn't even have time to rent a paddle boat. :( But the Loch was so pretty and clean!

About 30 minutes later we stopped in a small tourist town called Aberfoyle for lunch. They also had a petting zoo and a birds of prey exhibit which I thought was pretty interesting.

Then we went to Stirling Castle. I loved the view we got from it! Stirling Castle is situated on the narrowest part of Scotland so that the guards could see when an army was coming (it didn't help that the English wore red coats!)

During the whole of the trip, our bus driver was telling us history and also making some jokes. He was so great! He laughs just like Justin, my brother. Throughout the ride, he would play for us different Scottish national songs. The official national song is "God Save the Queen" because Scotland is a part of Great Britain. Another one of the songs was "Loch Lomond." And the North American favorite (I think my group was the only North American group on board) was the song that goes, "...and I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more." That's was interesting to me because that was the song I was listening to when that guy turned left in front of my and we wrecked. Weiiiird.

When we got back to Edinburgh, we when to an Australian sports bar place for dessert and were carded! I've never been asked to show my ID before and I was weirded out. I guess it's because they sell drinks there? I don't know. They sell alcohol at Red Robin's, but I never am carded there. Oh well.

One of my highlights of the day was spending time with Emily and Janelle as we packed up our stuff to go to York and talked. I decided on a new nickname for Janelle. I had originally been calling her Janellie Bean every once in awhile (she approved) and then today the name "Bean" just slipped out of my mouth. We both agreed that it's a good nickname and so now I try to remember and call her Bean. I think I will still say Janelle fairly often though.

Anyway, my grandma's funeral was yesterday and I did not get to attend, but I hope everyone had a good, happy time. I am going to miss her very much.

Yesterday I started looking at pictures from when Grandma, Mom, and I travelled up to Oregon and Washington. Grandma looks so great in those! It's so weird how something can happened to someone and their health suddenly plummets. It's hard to believe that she is gone from earth. I have made plans to visit her grave when I get back.

Anyway, I miss everybody very much!


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