Monday, August 16, 2010

On my way!

Obviously, Brandon hasn’t “proposed” to me yet because I don’t have a ring on my finger (according to Beyonce: If he wants it then he should put a ring on it!) I’m sure that will happen soon enough, but thanks for all the congratulations I have received from family and ward members who mysteriously figured out the circumstances.
It’s weird to think how much I am going to be growing up within the next six months. I remember when I was give and I was so excited because in five more years, I was going to be 10 and 10 was the highest I could count on all of my fingers.
And then I remember graduating high school and thinking: four more years and I get my Bachelor’s. I’m getting my B.S in less than a year!
Anyway, today Katelyn and I spent hours and hours in the airport and we are still going to be here for awhile. Turns out we can’t check in until approx. four hours before our flight. I was looking forward to sleeping on carpeted ground and I wish I had less carry-ons but I’m trying to take home souvenirs. J Because we have so much time in the airport and it is a Sunday, I’ve committed myself to reading/studying the Book of Mormon in 20 page increments and listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir/EFY music.
Side Note: Not so much with the Book of Mormon, but people often comment on how quickly I read books. I actually read pretty slow, but for very long periods of time. Slow and steady wins the race!
Anyway, I was listening to “What Heaven Sees in You” earlier today and felt inspired. The song is unique in that it is focused on women and their blessings/covenants they make throughout their life. Some of these covenants I will make when I am endowed and then married in the temple. I know tat these commitments I am making to my future husband and God are forever. They are so sacred and holy and I intend to keep them the best I can. My endowment and marriage will be the most important things I do this year and among the most important things I will do in my life.
I’m so excited to progress with Brandon and to be a part of his life forever!
I am going to move in a new direction now without very much transition.
I would like to say this to my immediate/extended Crandall family:

  • We’ve sent out three wonderful missionaries to Hawaii, the Dominican Republic and Hungary (Joshua, McKay and Justin). Justin is still out serving and McKay and Joshua have returned with honor.
  • We’ve had two temple marriages (both in August 2009/2010 – Becca and Paige) and one on the way in December (that’s mine!)
  • Great-grandpa Russell Heath passed away in June 2009. We know he is happy and in heaven.
  • We’ve had the awesome company of my half brother, Josh, who I missed throughout my life.
  • We love and uplift one another.

We are choosing the “more excellent way”! I am not trying to boast in what we’ve accomplished as grandparents/parents/spouses/siblings/children/cousins, but I am excited that we are choosing the right. I can’t imagine heaven without any of you.

As for the Ormond side of the family – we recently had Grandma Carol pass away. It was sad, but I promise she is so happy where she is! J
These past two years, I have been able to reconnect with my aunt and her daughter and my uncle and his son. They are very good people. I am impressed with their kindness and generosity and especially with my cousins’ determination to choose the right. In a world full of corruption, evil, and dishonesty, they stand out as shining examples of good people who are not of the LDS faith. I love them very much and hope that I will be in heaven with them forever as well.
God truly loves us, doesn’t he? He gives us opportunities and blessings as we choose the right and he pours them so abundantly. Even through the hard times, I know he will be there for me and if I just look to Him and trust Him, it will all come out just fine. J


P.S. I think Brandon has rubbed off on me. There are smiley faces all over this blog post. And exclamation points. J

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