Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Independence Day Rocks!

Who couldn't love the hundreds of 150 ft. aerial fireworks blasting in the sky or the streets full of parades and 5K racers all celebrating the joy that comes from being free and independent from all other nations? Independence Day was absolutely beautiful! It's so wonderful to unite on the fourth of July to celebrate our love of America.

Marissa and I after the Freedom Run 5K.
Yeah, we are totally wearing the same shorts.

Me, Jessica, Mom, Dad, and Julie (with her eyes closed).
All of us had just finished the race. :)

Ashlyn, Megan, and I on father-in-law's new boat.

Last Fourth of July, I had the opportunity of being in South Kensington, London, England. While a few Englanders celebrated or mourned the occasion, I was sad at the lack of fireworks, hot dogs, and parades. I missed my family. I missed America.

It's true that Nephi and his family (in the Book of Mormon) were lead to the promised land by the hand of God. It's also true that the promised land is right here, in the Americas. And it's also true that if we, as a people, become wicked, then our nation will fall.

And who can deny our blessings from living in the promised land? Many of our ancestors travelled miles by boat to reach America and they did it. They cultivated the land. With God's help, they were able to establish a government, a declaration of independence from Britain and all other nations, and the Constitution. It is through His love that we were able to do this, so that we could grow and prosper. Somehow we won the Revolution, somehow slaves were freed after years of being enslaved, somehow America has progressed in its military power, technological production, and business. Somehow, I have the capability of having over 10 pairs of shoes in my closet. These "somehows" are all blessings from Heavenly Father. I know it to be true.


On a different note, lately I have been feeling wild. I don't think it's wild in a bad way, but suddenly, I just want to do something out of the ordinary like take a scuba diving class or become a dolphin trainer or write a novel. I've just always had this set plan for my life: finish school, get married, become a doctor, have kids, make money, go on a couple's mission, and die in my sleep.

It's changed.

I'm finishing school in August. What happens after, I'm not sure, but I'm married and happy! Maybe I will dedicate a year to climbing every peak in Utah or I guess, if Brandon and I move to somewhere close to an ocean for optometry school, then I can be a dolphin trainer (I'm voting for California or Oregon)! Obviously, I will get pregnant eventually. I don't think I will ever be the mom who is at the house all day letting her kids make a mess inside. My kids and I will be outside building forts, soaking up the sun, running lemonade stands, kicking a soccer ball around... I think I will get along with them better than most adults I meet. We have more things in common. :)

And then once the kids are out of the house and fulfilling their futures, I hope Brandon and I go do a whole bunch of awesome things, like go back to Europe or travel to New Zealand and go ocean kayaking. We probably will if we have the money for it. And then we will go on a mission together or  maybe three! I personally would like to spend my mission service milking cows on one of the church ranches. Oh, the country life!

When I get old and after I see most of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren born, then I want to die doing something awesome. Who cares about the pain that lasts a moment compared to all Eternity? Maybe I will have a heart attack cliff jumping or get to the finish line at a race and faint and die. Maybe I will pull a Secondhand Lions trick and fly a plane into a barn. That's highly unlikely, though.

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