Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lake Powell and Harry Potter

Lake Powell, Utah. Captured by my mother-in-law.

The General Vacation

So obviously from the title of this blog, I just got back from Lake Powell. I absolutely loved it despite the fish, smelly toilets and heat. What has always made Lake Powell awesome to me are the people I vacation there with. During junior high/high school, I often went to Lake Powell with one of my best friends, Marsha. Normally, her family would bring a boat and two SeaDoos while another family would bring their boat and another couple wave runners. I spent my time during those years sunbathing, painting my toenails, throwing Marsha off the wave runner (and being thrown off myself), as well as wakeboarding and floating on the lake. The first year I went, I got so burned that my cheeks peeled except for a few spots leaving me with huge freckles. This year I was smarter and applied sunscreen regularly. Then again, it didn't reach 120 degrees Farenheit like it did before. 

Brandon, Marissa, Megan, and me on the boat. 

The Sleep Walkers

During our stay at Lake Powell, we had two late night outbursts.

Kenna (friend of sister-in-law): I actually didn't see this happen in person, but apparently Kenna stood up sometime during the first night and was screaming, "Where am I? What's going on?" She reported no memory of the occurrence in the morning. Wish I got a picture.

Megan (little sister-in-law): On the last night we were at Lake Powell, we grouped all the sleeping mats together and watched the sky for shooting stars. I ended up in a crack between Brandon and Megan and woke up as my mother-in-law was leaving to go downstairs. This is kind of how the situation went:

MOM-IN-LAW (to father-in-law): I don't think I'm going to move Meg. I don't want her to wake up. 
ME: Actually, I'm pretty uncomfortable because I'm on a crack, so could we move her?
MOM-IN-LAW: Sure! (She's so nice)

Mother-in-law starts to move Megan over by scooting her over to the next pad with her arms and feet. 

MEGS: (muffled growling followed by ... with each scoot) STOP MOVING MY PILLOW! (except it sounded more like, "STERP MERVING MY PILLER!")

(Meg is finally in her spot. She then turns to look at me.)

ME: Meg, you have your pillow.
MEGS: Give me back my PILLOW!
ME: Megan! You are sleeping on it. 

(Megan turns her attention to her mom who is walking toward the ladder to go downstairs)

MEGS: GET AWAY YOU GROUCHY OLD WOMAN! (repeated approximately three times)

Needless to say, Megan's half-awake outburst tickled my funny nerves. I had to cover my mouth with a pillow to muffle my laughing. 

Peanut Butter Toes

Megan was definitely a source of entertainment during our vacation. When we were parked in the slip for a little bit, she covered her toes in peanut butter, hung them off the houseboat, and let the fish suck on her feet. Crazy kid. She has more courage than most of us. 

Ledge Climbing

We found this awesome ledge, climbed it, and then jumped off. Don't worry, I already told my mom.


Sometimes when I wakeboard, I feel like such a tomboy because I'm excited about it like skateboarding. Back in the day, it took me over thirty tries to get up (no exaggeration). Now I can usually get up on my first try and go on and off the wake. I want to work on getting more control in the wake so that I can start doing some jumps, but that will take a lot of practice for me.

Brandon got up for his first time during this vacation. He started going on and off the wake in minutes. He is so athletic. :)

Excited to be out on the board.

Beginning to go over the wake.

I'm over! Love the spray.

Such a stud.

This looks like he is about to biff it, but maybe not.


Earlier I wrote about star-gazing. Can I just say it was absolutely beautiful? We could see the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Casiopea, a bird constellation, Mars, and so many shooting stars! Gorgeous. My sister-in-law also noticed that the stars reflected in the lake. I could pick out the Big Dipper in the ripples. I love the stars. Good thing my mom is named Star. ;)

100 Mile Detour

Brandon and I opted not to follow the parents back to the house because we wanted to travel fast. That was a big mistake. We ended up taking a 100 mile detour through Capitol Reef National Park. It was so beautiful! The important part was that we got help and made it back to our home. All of us in the car just figured we weren't supposed to be driving on that road at that time. Maybe we would have gotten in a wreck. Maybe we kept from getting a flat tire. Maybe we just needed to learn patience. :)

Five Guys and Harry Potter

This morning, Brandon and I went to the early bird showing of Harry Potter. Oh my heavens! I loved it! I loved seeing the good fight against the bad. It reminded me of what is prophesied to happen before Christ comes the second time. We will either be on His side or Satan's. As for me and "my house," we choose the Lord.

More Pictures From Trip

Brandon in his bright white t-shirt and me. 

I wish swimsuits offered more coverage
and support on the upper portion of the body...

I did think it was pretty funny that most of us are wearing black swimsuits. 

Brandon and me on a hammerhead floaty tube.

Beautiful Moki, Lake Powell.

He finally got the rope! 

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