Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm still a kid.

Today I went to an interview for a possible job opportunity. One of the questions they asked me was something like, "What's a unique thing about you?" My response was essentially that I'm still a kid at heart.

As I left the building, I waved goodbye to one of the other candidates, hopped in the car while sticking a Sour Punch Straw in my mouth and jammed to Miley Cyrus. Yeah, I think you get my point. 

So that's what this post is about.

Brandon has two little cousins: Ian and Jared. Ian is a proven genius and pretty introverted. He has very blue eyes and a huge grin (especially when I beat his little brother at hide and seek). Jared has a very little, loud voice. He enjoys smiling and running around behind Ian. I love those two little tykes. So cute! 

Anyway, for the past few days, we've been entertaining the kids by playing hide and seek. They are all pretty good hiders, but I think I beat them all when I jumped out of a bunch of blankets on the couch. I think Ian was especially impressed. Yesterday, after playing hide and seek for about an hour, we played stations. The concept is that while the counter is counting to ten with their eyes closed (behind a wall, just to make sure) each player runs to a station in the room (usually a corner). The counter will then call out a station number and if you're on it, you're out. Well, we had been playing this game for a few minutes when it became little Jared's turn. He must have been in the hide and seek mindset because he counted to three and said, "Here I come!" He also opened his eyes, noted where we all were and then shouted out, "Station Four!" Manipulative, I'm telling you. 

One of my favorite moments last night occurred when I was brushing my teeth. I have this thing where I can't just sit in front of the mirror and brush, I have to walk around or surf the net or something. Brandon has always been pretty amused by it. For example, here is Brandon's remark from yesterday: "I've never seen anyone laying down brushing their teeth before." He said it as if I were a newly discovered species from the Amazon. He even had the wide eye look and everything. He could be right. I don't think I've ever seen anyone brushing their teeth lying over the bed before either. ;)


The other day, Brandon planned out a date for us. He called the activity Avatar Day. 

I've written about Avatar before, but just as a refresher, it's a children's television show about a kid who saves the world through making peace/fighting bad guys. This kid, known as the Avatar, has two pets: Appa, the flying bison and MoMo, the flying lemur. Brandon and I drew pictures of these animals and stuck them on gummy candy for Avatar Day. They were to be our snack for later.

Avatar is very interesting because most of the animals in it are a combination of two animals we would find on earth. For instance, there are turtle-ducks, platypus-bears, and saber-tooth-moose. For our awesome Avatar date, we created our own half and half animals. 

Brandon named his pig shark, Shoink. 

I named my lion-shark, Squid.

Avatar rocks.

P.S. The Speedy Spaniard was awesome!

RANDOM PICTURES (mainly Lake Powell):

Proof that married women like Natalie and me can still hang out with friends.
Also, Katelyn's first experience at Coney's!

Our spider-infested houseboat. Love you, Boatie!

Mr. U was pretty good at sleeping during the day.

McKenna, Megan, and I made an awesome castle.

Megan flopping off the slide.

Pretty sure this is McKenna.

Ashlyn, I believe. Or actually McKenna. ???

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