Monday, July 18, 2011

The Catch-All Post: Megan, FHE, Shopping and Freddy the Frog

So I have a little blonde sister-in-law who I can only describe as original, wild, and completely fun to be around when she is not on Dad's iPad (so grouchy!) Anyway, because my mother-in-law help organized her ward's girls' camp, she was gone most of last week and Brandon and I got to have Megan Elise over for a span of three days. What better way to bring back my inner child?

Anyway, we did some awesome stuff, like go to that local waterpark we love so much, eat ice cream, kick around a soccer ball, and watch the television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is so much better than the movie!) Brandon and I try to catch a few episodes on Netflix every night.

During Megan's little vacation with us, she decided that she wanted to create a romantic dinner date for Brandon and I right in our very own living room! (while she and my two sisters, Jessica and Julie ate on the couch). Anyway, it was very cute and we all ended up playing the vegetable game and dancing around to Taylor Swift. It was awesome!

(And yeah, I like T. Swift and her sparkly greeting cards at Walmart)

Meggie Moo

Megan and Brandon coming off one of the slides at our favorite water park.

Saca (sp), the Avatar, and Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Our living room all done up. The blanket on the ground is supposedly
a "red carpet with all these flowers" (Megan 10).

The table set up with sparkling cider and a ceramic bird. :)
Haha, needless to say, it was a fun couple of days.

On Monday, Brandon brought the car home from work during his lunch break so that I could use it to purchase items for our coming trip. I definitely bought items for the trip as well as eye wrinkle cream (I hate wrinkles and I want to see if the stuff works), waterproof eyeliner (we'll see), a new swimsuit (Spanx, bless you for understanding women with voluptuous bodies!), and earrings from JCPenney.

I told Brandon about the purchases when I got home and he didn't care. :) Also, we went up to Provo Temple for a beautiful family home evening. We sat on the hill behind the temple and were able to view it as well as the city below. It was like being on top of a mountain. ;) (read Isaiah).

Brandon and I love this temple. <3
One last thing:

I am incredibly stupid. So much so that I should wear a dunce hat around to protect other people, although I probably need more protection for myself.

Obviously, there is a reason why I believe this to be true. At the very least, I definitely was when I accidentally caught a Haribo gummy frog in my nasal cavity, spent much time snorting and sucking water up through my nose to get the piece of gummy out, and then inhaled pepper through my nose to induce sneezing (which didn't work).

I think the gummy is still up there and my throat is sore.

Also, Brandon ate my Freddy the Frog that I put on my red hippo. Shame on him! :) He promise me another gummy frog pet next time we get Haribo frogs. I'm buying some today.

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