Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back home!

Yes, "We're back home!" is what I said very loudly as we entered our flats yesterday evening. Bus rides all over the countryside tend to leave me aching for a bed to stretch out on and chocolate. Thus, coming home makes me very excited. I will be excited squared when I get back to the States and have the option of chicken or french toast for dinner. Today I almost ate canned mac and cheese and instead opted for bread and peanut butter (mm!). I hear from my brother in Hungary that the food there is superb. I should get my invisibility cloak on for a small trip to Budapest.

Anyway, while our little trip did wear me out, I was able to visit the most remarkable things!

Yesterday, we traveled to three places: Bath, Salisbury, and Jane Austen's home in Cha..... can't remember the rest of it. In Bath, we entered the Roman Bath museum area and were guided by an audio tour. It was so cool! I tried to think of all the different types of people who could have used the baths. I began to think of the story where Jesus heals a man who has been sitting near a bath for years trying to make it to the healing waters, but never actually gets there. After Jesus heals him, he betrays Christ. Poor man.

In Bath, three other things happened: 1.) I ate the most awesome pastie. It had Thai curry in it with coriandur. It made me miss my boyfriend and his family because we've had coriandur curry a couple of times at their house and I had never eaten it before then. 2.) Katie and I visited the Victorian Art Museum and watched the river for a bit. It was fun to reflect. 3.) We watched a guy balance a unicycle on his chicken. Wow.

When we were in Salisbury, we visited St. Someone's Cathedral and the Magna Carta building. I took many pictures of the tombs and memorials in the cathedral so that I could share them with people trying to finish their genealogy.

Jane Austen's house was awesome! She is by far my favorite author. It was very neat to see where she lived.

A couple of days ago I did a high kick to see if I could reach a leaf with foot and my back popped into place (it has been out of place for some time). It felt so good the rest of the trip, but then when I got back, I was putting away something and it popped back into the wrong place again. It's killing me now. :( That's all right. I'll try those high kicks in my room for a little bit and see if I can get it back.

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