Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two Plays

Here is pretty much what happened yesterday:

* Talked to Brandon on the phone (I finally memorized the phone number to call, my pin number, the 00's, the country code, the city code, and Brandon's number.
* Went to class and learned tons about Indo-European and Germanic languages. Because Justin is in Hungary serving his mission, I tried to remember something cool about the Hungarian language. There are only a few ways in English that we could say sing. Sing, sang, sung. In Hungarian, the word for sing can be adapted into many, many more variations. Another cool things I learned in class has to do with agglutinative languages. In this type of language, you take a word and you just keep adding different parts onto the word until the word means enough to describe what would take us a whole paragraph to write.
* After class, Janelle, Erica, Katelyn, and I rushed over to that crepe place I was talking about earlier. This time Janelle and I split a ham, cheese, and pepper crepe and a banana et chocolate crepe. I really cannot wait to get to Paris. This food is magnificent!
* Janelle and I then went to the Natural History Museum. First of all, those museums are crazy with the toilets. We followed a path of arrows for about five minutes before we reached a bathroom. Besides having  toilets, the museum also contained tons of fossils, stuffed animals (taxidermy kind), rocks, plant life, butterflies, etc. It was cool. I got a present for Mom and Brandon there.
* After the museum, Janelle and I went back to the crepe place and got ice cream. I splurged a little on the sugar yesterday, I know.
* We then went to the grocery shop with some other girls from our group who we saw inside. I found the best tasting strawberries in the WORLD there. They are so red and sweet and regular-sized. Since I finished shopping first (which seems to happen a lot) I waited outside the store and a man from Bangladesh began talking to me. He asked where I was from and I said America. He asked why I was there and I said to study the English language. I guess he was confused as to why I would travel all the way over here to study the english language in britain when I could study it in my home country. I told him briefly that people from the States and the English speak differently. He asked for an example. This is how our conversation went:

Me: Okay, so when I say "car," I say kahr. The English say something like kawh.
Guy: Yes, American voice comes from the chest.
Me: Yes and the English sound like.. Well, I say I am going to the tube station. The English say (I said this in a high voice) I ahm goin'to the choob stahshun.

* Up and decided to see Les Miserables. Best play ever!


* Talk with Brandon
* Class
* Macbeth play - a very interesting, weird adapted play. Very interesting.
* Victoria and Albert Museum with Janelle
* Ben's Cookies
* Homework

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