Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Stomach

So I think I have been losing weight, but who really knows?

The thing is that I am addicted to sugar.

At the food festival in Wales Friday, Janelle, Chloe, and I were discussing how addictive sugar is. One of us commented, "It's like I have a candy bar and then I am seriously looking for my next treat an hour later!" Someone else said, "I'm going to get back to the States and go to the ice cream shop every day and be disappointed because it's not gelato."

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I wondered how I could treat my body better. It does a lot for me. Almost everything, actually. Maybe I am working off the calories I consume each day as I walk circles around London, but more than just my fat cells are factored into this. First of all, frequent eating without drinking water in between leads to cavities! I want to take care of my teeth. I want them to be shiny and sparkly for as long as possible. Second, think of all the work my liver and gallbladder are doing to break down fat! I have already had a mother whose gallbladder was full of gallstones and a grandmother whose gallbladder contained an aggressive cancer. The second situation is very deadly. I want to live! I want to be around for awhile so that I can be with my family on earth. And third, my boyfriend reminds me of this all the time, I do not want my arteries clogged.

I feel that it's not good to be addicted to things. Even sugar. I have decided to take a week off the extra stuff: chocolate, crepes, ice cream, cakes... I've already enjoyed a lot of that in Europe. It's time to enjoy other types of food. I want to see what a week does for my body and then I want to see what two weeks does. Obviously, it's okay to have things in moderation, but if I have a candy bar at this point, then I will have another tomorrow... I need to establish self control first and then break some rules. I think that is the best idea.

I can do it!

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